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Use Tor to Anonymize Skype

Have you ever been harassed on Skype, then suddenly your internet went down? If so, chances are they used a DDoS attack against you. How this works is they use a Skype Resolver, which all they have to do is input your Skype username and click a button then your naked IP address is shown to them. Then they can attack the IP by flooding with Jays booter, or some other cheap kiddy booter that is barely strong enough to take down your home connection, but alas it is. You can prevent that in a few ways. In this method, you will learn to use Tor to Anonymize Skype.

Anyways, let us get started using the Use Tor to Anonymize Skype

Before we begin, you will need:


Navigate to
Select the check mark that says SOCKS5 and in the host box type and in the port box type 9050

Download the file and save it to your desktop. Now Download the Skype Firewall Blocker, ADVOR and the fresh install of Skype if you haven’t done so already. To make sure you uninstalled any previous Skype installs, use GeekUninstaller.

Extract ADVOR.

Install Skype and don’t run it yet. Close it. Now run the Skype Firewall blocker.

Right click the SkypeProxySettings registry file and click merge. When asked to confirm click yes.

Reboot your PC.
After you have rebooted open the ADVOR folder and run ADVOR as an administrator. Once opened click the connect button to start the relay.

ADVOR should now be started and running.

Start Skype and login with your fresh account. It may be slow to login at first but it will finish and you will be online.


If Skype fails to login then please navigate to the new identity tab as seen here:

Select a new country and a new node. Just so you know the U.S. works best and is the fastest generally.

You can check your Skype is now using a new IP by navigating to and entering in your Skype name.

The IP should be a TOR exit router as shown below. If it is not, please follow the steps again.

Now whenever you want to use Skype simply launch ADVOR, connect, and you are safe and secure.


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