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How Use Secure Encrypted Chat – Skype Alternatives

Are you still using skype to communicate for product support, or with strangers or people you barely know? If you are, stop. You are at risk because Skype is not secure. Skype is a chat protocol that allows people to grab your IP address due to the way it connects, which means you are vulnerable to Ddos attacks, and other types of attacks. They are also really easy to social engineer and steal accounts from. Stop using it, and use something more secure. In this article I will give you a few methods in which you can chat securely and with encryption.

Jabber Off The Record Secure chat:

The first program I will be showing you is Jabber and the OTR plugin for Jabber. 

How to setup jabber:

1) Download Pidgin HERE

2) Download the OTR encryption plugin for Pidgin HERE

3) Now go here HERE and create an account. Remember the credentials you use as you will need them to login to Jabber. This is essentially your username and password for the chat program. 

4) Now open up pidgin now at the tool bar at the top
Click Accounts > Manage Accounts > Add 
A box will pop up. This is where you put in your jabber information. You need to put the protocol as XMPP, the username is the one you picked when you signup on The domain is The password you will get when confirming your account on Everything else doesn’t matter.

This is how it should look.


5) Now to add the OTR plugin after you downloaded and set it up you will need to add it to pidgin to do this you will need to go to Tools > Plugins > Then click off the record messaging.


Now you can add your friends by their jabber info by going to Buddies > Add buddies then type the buddies XMPP/Jabber email.

Tox: A New Kind Of Messaging

Tox is a new alternative to Skype, and allows more than Jabber does in terms of user friendly features.

From their website:

A New Kind of Instant Messaging

With the rise of government monitoring programs, Tox provides an easy to use application that allows you to connect with friends and family without anyone else listening in. While other big-name services require you to pay for features, Tox is totally free, and comes without advertising.

About Tox

Nowadays, every government seems to be interested in what we’re saying online. Tox is built on a “privacy goes first” agenda, and we make no compromises. Your safety is our top priority, and there isn’t anything in the world that will change that.

  • Messages: At your fingertips.
  • You’re always in the loop with instant encrypted messaging.
  • Calls: Make free and secure Tox to Tox calls.
  • Video: Catch up face to face with a secure video call.
  • Security: Tox takes your privacy seriously. With leading-class encryption, you can rest assured knowing that the only people reading your messages are the ones you send them to.


Picture credits:


Tox is simple and easy to use, setup and enjoy. Compared to Skype, this is a now brainer because it can do everything Skype can do securely and you can be worry free about whether or not you will have your account stolen or someone can resolve your IP address. Visit to create an account.




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