New, Free Social Media Bot for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and more

New, Free Social Media Bot for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and more

Free Social Media Bot

A new, free social media bot with a built in exchange has emerged to take on others such as addmefast. The website allows you to download the bot, add your accounts and it automatically starts using your accounts for following, liking and more to gain you points. I’ve been testing the bot for a little less than a day but I am very happy with the results. Things you add for use with your points are quick to be recognized. You will see likes, follows and views pretty quiclkly, unlike addmefast which is dying sadly. You can join here:

Soctop is a great alternative to all of the social media exchanges I have tested. The fact that they have their own bot takes the cake. It is better than any other free social media bot. It is also better than any exchange I’ve seen for social media follows, views, likes etc on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. I haven’t tried it on the other platforms yet. They also cover Vkontakte (, and which makes it quite well rounded. This is great for the future as the more people who use this free social media bot exchange, the more users can gain from it.

Yes, we said FREE Social Media Bot

If you haven’t already tried a social media exchange, they are great for when you are just starting an account. Some social media sites require a certain amount of followers for things. Like a username in your URL for instance for a Facebook page. Soctop can take care of that for you. It can be done within a short time so long as you run several accounts. The more accounts you run, the more credits.  Hopefully, they add more. I’d love to see a free Snapchat bot or Linkedin bot.

Again you can join here: or search for Soctop and check them out.


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Get More Followers – Mass Follow Twitter –  Auto Follow Twitter

Get More Followers – Mass Follow Twitter – Auto Follow Twitter

Are you looking for ways to get more followers on Twitter? Besides relevant content and activity, one of the best ways to get followers on Twitter is by following people within your interest group. In the following guide, you will learn how to quickly follow 500 users who are relevant to a particular niche, or brand. You will be able to follow someone else’s followers. This is an excellent idea if you are a company looking to expand in social media and you have a competitor who is already relevant in the social media space. The best and easiest way to get Twitter followers is to mass follow Twitter accounts or auto follow Twitter accounts that are in your niche.

What you will need:

  1. A Twitter account
  2. Google Chrome Browser

If you have both of the prerequisites, please continue reading.

  1. First, you will sign up at for the free account with your Twitter handle. With the free account, you can follow up to 500 Twitter users per day. Tweepi also allows you to weed out and unfollow users.


Next thing you need to do is downloading and installing this addon: Tweepi Bulk Default Action

Once you are finished installing, you will see this in the top right-hand corner of Chrome with your other extensions if you have any.

Once Tweepi Bulk Default Action is installed, go to Tweepi and choose By @User’s followers and type the name of a  Twitter user that you wish to follow their followers. Of course, it’s best if you decide someone in your niche, such as Yahoo following Google’s Twitter followers to reach their demographic.

  1. Click Follow Followers

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Usually, you would need to click every button to follow. However, the chrome extension you added earlier would mass follow Twitter accounts automatically. To auto follow Twitter accounts, simply push the button and check the next page when you have bulk followed the accounts.

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The first time you can only follow 20 per page, but you can extend it to 40 if you post a tweet. The option is at the bottom.