Historical DynDNS DDoS Attack Effects Paypal Twitter Reddit and More

Historical DynDNS DDoS Attack Effects Paypal Twitter Reddit and More

Historical DynDns DDos Attack Affects Paypal, Twitter, Reddit and More

Yesterdays DynDns DDos Attack was an unprecedented DDoS attack which affected a large portion of the internet, especially on the east coast. Some of the websites that were taken offline as a result of the attack were Paypal, Twitter, Reddit, Spotify, Github, Etsy and there were plenty more affected. DynDNS  started to notice the attack at 4:10 PM PST. There was a total of 3 large attacks. The first attack targeting data centers in Chicago, Washington, D.C., and New York. On 10/23/2016 at roughly 12 pm, there was a second assault. The third hit at 2 AM PST on Saturday morning, the East Coast, Texas and California were affected by the attacks. Over 20 data centers were taken down. Reports say it was due to successful TCP SYN DDoS floods targeted at Dyn’s port 53.

Yesterday was a historical day for the technology industry as well as the internet community as a whole. The DynDns DDoS Attack Affected Paypal, Twitter, Reddit and more.

The technology sector and security researchers will have a hard time securing systems to these types of attacks. This historical DynDNS DDoS attack marks of the advances in the hacker community for DDoS attack tools. The power, capability of attacks and hardware available for infection just keeps growing. The tools used keep getting more sophisticated, and more easily accessible such as Mirai.

Mirai source code leaked

The primary tool used to attack Dyn DNS servers is a program called Mirai. Mirai is a program that is relatively easy to use, even for beginners. So much so that even complete beginners to the hacking scene can pick it up quickly. The source code was recently leaked for all to find and use. It infected insecure routers first, then everything on their networks they could infect. This includes, but isn’t limited to:

  • DVRs
  • Cable Boxes
  • Webcams and security DDTV cameras.

IoT devices or the Internet of Things were one of the primary targets of Mirai used in the DDoS attack on Dyn DNS. IoT devices are devices which are connected to the network. For example. speakers, DVRs, webcams, smart TVs and more. Anything that is connected to your network really, and what people don’t realize is, they are susceptible to attack.

Dyn DNS Mitigated the DDoS attack, and things are back to normal…for now

Dyn DNS is back to normal for now according to their site. Everything can be taken down of course with the right tools and power. The tech industry will continue to try to find more elaborate ways to stop DDoS attacks and other malicious threats. Hackers will always be right there with them. Their methods will become more elaborate as the tech industries methods do. The tech industry is shaken, as is the whole internet community. Conspiracies of it being an inside job have surfaced, as well as it being done by internet hacktivist collective Anonymous in support of Wikileaks being shut down.


Whatever started this attack, it is apparent that it was one of many battles to come in the War of the Internet.