So you want to setup XMPP Off The Record and don’t know where to start, or don’t really know what it is? That’s fine, this tutorial will explain to you in simple details how to setup XMPP with a chat client called Pidgin, and a plugin for Pidgin called off the record.

Step 1. How to setup XMPP Off The Record – Using Pidgin

Download Pidgin by clicking the picture below.

How to setup XMPP Off The Record

Pidgin is a all around great chat program, you can use it for more than just XMPP such as for AIM, ICQ and Facebook Messenger. It is extremely popular and has a lot of plugins.

Step 2. Create a XMPP Account

I recommend because they are easy to sign up with and it doesn’t matter about their security due to the nature of XXPP’s Off The Record setting and encryption.

How to setup XMPP Off The Record

3. Download the plugin “Off The Record” by clicking the image below.

How to setup XMPP Off The Record

4. Setup your account in the Pidgin Client

Username and Password are self explanatory, for Domain add your host, in this case it is “” once all are filled in, click add.


5. Install and configure Off The Record.

Click on Tools inside of Pidgin, then click Plugins. Scroll down until you see Off The Record. Once you see it, click the enable box.


Now you have completed what steps are needed to use XMPP with Off The Record messaging!