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Setup a Virtual Machine with VMware and a VPN to Use Multiple IP Addresses at Once

How to Setup a Virtual Machine with VMware and a VPN to Use Multiple IP Addresses at Once

Have you ever wanted to use two PC’s with two different IP addresses to provide a unique user experience on the internet? Perhaps you want to make two accounts on a particular website or forum or are banned on one IP address. If so, this tutorial will teach you to setup a virtual machine with VMware and a VPN to use multiple IP addresses at once. A Virtual machine is a virtual computer running in an emulated environment on your computer. Having one setup uses resources from your computers hardware, so make sure you have a decent computer.

Why would you want such a thing? Well, you could use it for malware testing, double your VPN’s for extra security, etc.

Let’s get started creating an environment for Multiple IP Addresses

Things we will need: 

1. VMware –…tion.shtml

2. .ISO of the OS you want to install, a .iso is a virtual disk. For this tutorial, we will be using Windows. 

3. OpenVPN –…nstall.exe

4. VPN of choice, if you need one check here:

After installing VMware, move to the instructions below.

How to set up VM + VPN in VMware

1. Go to file, then new virtual machine or push CTRL+N.
2. When it asks where to install, find the .iso file. 
3. Fill out location details.
4. Chose hardware is setting in the tab before the install. I suggest using only what Ram you can spare, and all of your processor power.
5. Hit install, and wait for it to install. 

Setup of OpenVPN

1.Now that VMware is installed install OpenVPN on the desktop of your VM. Make sure TAP/Tun drivers get installed, or it will not work.

2. Open install directory, and drag and drop the files you got with your VPN. If you bought anything that uses OpenVPN, you would see this. 

3. Then right click on the OpenVPN GUI in the hidden icons of your notification bar and hit connect. After entering your username and password of course.

PPTP VPN Setup on VMware





1. Get a PPTP VPN, for practice sake, and just for browsing check out VPNbook. For more advanced security I recommend 143VPN for OpenVPN connections.
2. Get server information.
[Image: yHJNvZ4.png]
3. Go to control panel, networking and internet options then setup new network and internet connection. 
[Image: SpimuZ5.png]
4. Connect to a workplace to set up VPN. 
[Image: RKUIidq.png]
5. Use my internet connection. 

6. You will see this screen, add login details to it. 
[Image: FvGJ0OI.png] 


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