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How to Remove a Dox: Footprint Removal

If you are here that means you want to remove a dox. Someone found some information on you and used it against you, or you just want to have privacy. You want your information erased. This simple guide will show you some easy ways to remove a dox, and it will also show you footprint removal to prevent a dox in the first place. This guide is meant to serve as a resource as we have many places you can use to find and delete data on yourself or others.

Searching for Footprints

The first thing you must do to remove footprints is to find them. You can find information on yourself by name, email, username or phone number.

Here is a list of sites you can use:

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After you have found your target, your footprints, you can now move onto the removal phase.

Footprint Removal: Remove a Dox

Whatever information you find, you will need to log in to it and delete as much information as possible if not the entire account. Do you have a Facebook account you forgot about with your real name and family names attached? Find it, and delete it. Forums, blogs, social media etc can all be dangerous, but it can also be altered in most cases. The real problem arises when you don’t have access to the site you want to delete information from.

Pastebin is a popular place to post doxes, and they are easy to remove just by reporting them here:

Any other sites just contact the owner and see if they will remove the information for you. In most cases they will. Especially if you say the information can be used to harm you, who wants their members harmed? No one, no one I know at least.

Footprint Removal: False Foot Prints

Now, you will want to bury what you couldn’t delete and make a really hard to follow trail of false information. Better to make it somewhat believable: A few days off from your birthday, a city away from your actual house etc. You can use to make false footprints, just find and edit your information with fake info.

Removing Cached Content

Now you want to get rid of the cache from what you already got rid of. You can do so with the links below.




Removal Sites:


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