So, you want to hack Candy Crush on Android. You want to impress your friends, beat someones score and appear to be a Candy Crush God. Well, I am here to tell you how to hack Candy Crush and do all of those things.


First you are going to download the Android Xmod games App, as seen in the picture below and in my previous tutorial on how to hack clash of clans(Which you can find HERE ). Once you have installed the app you can find your mod for Candy Crush. The App can be downloaded in the Google Play Store HERE.


Once you hit launch inside of the mod the game will start with the hack injected into the application. What the exploit does is it allows you to have unlimited lives, unlimited turns and multiply your score by up to 10 times. On level 2 I was able to get 50400 points by hardly doing anything. This is the perfect Candy Crush hack for anyone who is looking to cheat to rack up points. You can share your score on facebook to make your friends jealous of your skills, but in reality you were able to figure out a very simple exploit. You are welcome.

Screenshot_2014-08-14-13-39-56Screenshot_2014-08-14-13-19-52 Screenshot_2014-08-14-13-20-12 Screenshot_2014-08-14-13-20-41 Screenshot_2014-08-14-13-22-33