Does you college limit your search abilities? Do you want to visit Netflix, Facebook, Twitter or any other website on you schools network without being blocked? Then this tutorial is for you. This is a simple tutorial on how to bypass your schools browsing restrictions.

What You Will Need

When you run Tor on your school network it will normally say it is blocked. To keep your school network from detecting it we are going to use a program to hide it by means of encryption. all school program blocks are base on a MD5 checksum. Using an encryptor will change the MD5 checksum, and enable you to use Tor on your schools network.

All you have to do is crypt the Start Tor Browser.exe to change the MD5checksum value and now it should be able to be accessed without being blocked.

If you have issues then your network probably has a http or socks proxy for Internet access, if this is the case then the proxy settings also need to be set in the tor browser.