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Anonymous Attacks Israel: Vows Electronic Holocaust Against Israel Website Attacks

Anonymous attacks Israel #OPisrael

Anonymous #OPisrael

Anonymous attacks Israel by launching Operation Israel today (#OPisrael) and issuing illegal take downs of Israeli websites. They announced the attack on March 5, 2015 on a Youtube video. Anonymous is a group without borders, a group without leaders and we suspect the attack is mainly from Anonymous members in Arab countries, as well as some European countries who support Palestine. Anonymous says the are going to enact an Electronic Holocaust against Israeli websites, including Government websites, banking websites and more. They claim the attacks are due to the ‘Zionist Nations’ inability to find a peaceful resolution in the middle east, they mention the attacks Israel has done in Gaza with more than 1000 people killed in the past year as a major motivator for the attack. Anonymous also gained access to over 6000 routers in Israel, and has leaked the login credentials online.

Anonymous attacks Israel once a year at least, planned on the 7th of April. Anonymous attacks Israel on this day every year according to the video. So far, it seems they have gained access to Israeli politicians as well as citizens bank accounts, router credentials and social media logins.

Confirmed: Anonymous Attacks Israel, Sites Taken Down in #OPIsrael

  1. : Local Authorities Data Processing Center Ltd
  2. : site of the fourth largest bank in Israel
  3. : Elisha Babayof-Ministry of Education – Israel
  4. : Israeli Supreme Court
  5. : david elezra-Ministry of Education – Israel
  6. : Ministry of Education
  7. : Israeli Knesset
  8. : Main site of the israeli’s ministry of defence
  9. : Israeli Hosting & Domains
  10. : The Israeli Antitrust Authority
  11. : Israel Defense Forces
  12. Another Israel Defense Forces
  13. : The Israeli Antitrust Authority
  14. : Israeli Shifra Har
  15. Israeli Immigration
  16. : Ministry of Israeli Immigration
  17. : Israeli finance
  18. : Israeli Integrated Foreign Trade System
  19. : Another site for israeli ministry of Finance
  20. : Israel Institute of Productivity
  21. Israeli government employment
  22. : State of Israel-Mail
  23. : Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  24. : Israel Information Technology
  25. : Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Hebrew.
  26. : Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  27. : Ministry of Industry and Trade
  28. : Israil Civil service reform
  29. : Tel Aviv police
  30. : Israil Public Works Department
  31. : Israel Economic and Tourism
  32. : Haifa licensing and supervision of a firearm
  33. : Yemen Cultural Forum
  34. : Israel Shifra Har
  35. : Israel Earthquake Center
  36. : Another Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs site
  37. : Israel Water Preservation
  38. : Israeli government for children safe surfing content
  39. : Another Israeli Ministry of Finance site
  40. : Office of The Prime Minister