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Alpha Bay Shut down Coverup and Suspicious Suicide Before Extradition

During the Alpha Bay Shut Down

About a week ago a notorious marketplace that is said to be the replacement for Silkroad, Alpha Bay, went offline. When Alpha Bay shut down many people started speculating why the site went down but the attention was mitigated to a degree. Mods came onto their Reddit sub and said nothing was wrong and they were simply migrating their data to another server. A few days later and Bitcoin deposits and many other deposits were being shuffled between random accounts, or laundered, to different wallets. At this point the moderators on Reddit became quiet.

A few days after that and someone comes on Reddit claiming to have doxed the owner and said he extorted $45,000 in Bitcoin from him. He tried to extort more but was ignored after the first payment. Many on Reddit called the man who claimed to have extorted the owner a liar, however, his story adds up. Media outlets are all spouting news of a man, Alexandre Cazes, being detained in Thailand. Hours before being extradited for his crimes, he committed suicide in his cell. Alexandre Cazes appears to have been a major player, some claim he was the co-founder.

Alexandre Cazes Commits Suicide, but was he the owner? Did he cause the Alpha Bay shut down?

Alpha Bay Shut Down

Alpha Bay Shut Down

After committing suicide authorities found many of his assets that point to his involvement with Alpha Bay. Alexandre Cazes seems to have been somewhat of an expert when it came to Bitcoin, money laundering and fraud. It appears he was unaware he was going to be caught but speculated it at the very least.

The Bangkok Post, citing Thai police sources, reported that Cazes had been living in Thailand for about eight years. Thai authorities also impounded “four Lamborghini cars and three houses worth about 400 million baht ($11.7 million) in total. – Arstechnica

This is an ongoing investigation and the full story will take some time to reveal, and no one knows if he was actually the owner of Alpha Bay, however, the evidence seems to be telling a pretty clear picture that he was at least up there with the owner, if not the owner himself.

Originally from Quebec, Mr Cazes was at the centre of an FBI investigation, accused of being an administrator and co-founder of AlphaBay.

The website sold illegal goods, class A drugs, pornography, stolen credit cards and weapons.

The website, which was shut down on 5 July, had up to $800,000 (£611,000) of transactions every day, according to researchers. The Independent

You can read more about the Alpha Bay shut down at the above-quoted links as well as these informative articles below.…e-custody/…-thailand/

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