Earlier this week Allcrypt lost out on 2 Bitcoins in a deal that halted Omnicoin. 2.5 million Omnicoins were sold to Allcrypt, and then then network was exploited in a 51% attack that resulted in the hash reverting, and essentially not going through. Omniscient has halted the cryptocoin from sales on his forum while he investigates. A rollback on the Omnicoin seems the likely solution.

Omniscient, Admin of Hackforums.net said in an announcement:

Earlier today at the coin exchange AllCrypt there has been an episode. We’re not even sure what to call it exactly as it’s still under investigation by both AllCrypt and the Omnicoin Dev Team.

For the immediate future I’ve disabled the purchase of the OMC award as well as the 3P1C upgrade. I won’t at this time halt the auction of the group for OMC. Since the auction doesn’t end for about 3 weeks I think there is time to figure this out before making any additional decisions.

Just a few facts that I know. Here are some of the OMC addresses that were part of the issue:

ofquhkd2UbzqL7QgbzzYghcQwm9KYAc5WT Current Balance: -1,056,549.99920000

oQNwHSamQTJi7bVfaz8hUoBLYadu93bRyF Current Balance: 37,456.64261370

oThxvSbzjKTivXF6EppFc2HycuiLwxVLv4 Current Balance: -1,305,725.66601370

Official statements by the dev team are being made but please respect that they are already busy working to not only figure out what happened but to also work on correcting it as best as possible.

The suspicion is a 51% attack because it is indeed a smaller alt-coin chain. There are things that can be done though to help fix this and being a small alt-coin actually helps make that possible.

In any case it’s being worked on. Please be patient and more info will be released when it’s necessary for members to know. Let’s not go all dramatic about this either until we know the full-extent of the damage and what can or can’t be fixed.

Thank you.