About Us

Welcome to Hack.Training. Our mission is to present you with the latest hacking related news, tips, reviews, infosec tutorials and information as well as cyber security training free of charge. Hack.Training is your key to the eyes of security. We are not a black hat hacking blog but rather an informational site geared at software reviews, tutorials and security tips, and tricks. We cover topics ranging from Windows Operating systems to Linux, as well as mobile platforms such as Android, Windows, and iOS. Our goal is to open your eyes to the dangers of exploits and hacks and teach you how to defend against malicious activity from those who wish to harm you and your intellectual property online. While we are called Hack Training, we also want to do other things besides provide tutorials and guides. We want to educate, interact and help you better understand security. We also enjoy reviewing software and applications and are technology enthusiasts.
If you are interested in becoming a writer for hack.training please let us know here below.

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