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How to torrent anonymously


  • Introduction
  • Proxies
  • VPN’s
  • Seedboxes

Hello and welcome to my tutorial of how to torrent anonymously, as you may or may not know I sold an E-book with these methods for a while, and they are very successful. I am rewriting this tutorial so that you are aware of the ways you can remain safe. Firstly I want to start by saying download µTorrent I do not care for any other application, and I have used several different types. 


You can use a proxy to make your torrent traffic anonymous as it uses a different IP address for the download and seeding, or a series of ip addressed. I highly recommend Torguard. It is a paid proxy but it uses load balancing server proxies that switch between many different countries.

 Hide your IP address on Bittorrent with an Anonymous Torrent Proxy!
  • Keep your torrent traffic 100% private from your ISP
  • Automatically configure settings on Windows, Mac, Ubuntu
  • Access 70+ Anonymous Proxy IP’s in Four Different Countries
  • Enjoy Unlimited Speeds/Bandwidth on gigabit+ connections
  • Easy setup with Vuze, utorrent, bitorrent proxy walkthrough’s
  • Cancel your anonymous torrent proxy anytime – no penalty!
  • Ensure your privacy with our FREE check my torrent ip tool
  • UDP Supported on all socks5 Anonymous Proxy Servers

– See more at:

Check VPN and Proxies for torrents to see if they work here:

Click activate and upload your torrent, it will respond with your torrent IP address.


A VPN or virtual private network will encrypt all of your internet traffic, including torrents. I recommend Torguard once again as your VPN, as they specialize in Torrenting privacy software. The difference between a proxy and a VPN is a proxy works with programs you configure, and a VPN encrypts your entire internet for the computer it is running on.


Seed Boxes

A seedbox is a server which you download and seed your torrents to and from, then you download them with ftp. For added protection use a vpn to hide your packets.

I only have one seedbox to talk about, I have used several, and this is the only one that gave me no issues. The seedbox is UnderLeech and you can get one for $16 a month. They accept Bitcoin for added security. It comes with a VPN setup so you can choose t0 download it from your secure encrypted as well.


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