Humble Bundle Software Deal – Cyber Security

Humble Bundle Software Deal – Cyber Security

Amazing Software Deals From Humble Bundle

We follow Humble Bundle, as well as other places for deals. We love a good software deal. This is probably the best deal we have seen in a while. The last tier with SpiderOak and ProtonMail was surprising and we highly recommend both.

Humble Bundle Software Deal Tier 1 – PAY $1 OR MORE TO RECEIVE $56 IN CONTENT!

  • System Mechanic 1 year license, worth $49.95 on their website.
  • Private Internet Access for 1 month on up to 5 devices, worth $6.95 on their site.

Our verdict on tier 1 of the software deal

We have used both System Mechanic and Private Internet Access and they are worth $1 for this deal. All of these deals are worth it if you are interested in cybersecurity software. System mechanic is not one of our usual programs, but it is good at what it does. Private Internet Access is a good VPN, we don’t usually use it however.

Humble Bundle Software Deal Tier 2 – PAY MORE THAN THE AVERAGE OF $9.25 TO RECEIVE $302 IN CONTENT!

  • Prey Anti-Theft Pro – Get a 6 Month Subscription for up to 15 Devices worth $120 on their website.
  • Vipre Advanced Security 1 year license for 1 device, worth $54.99 on their website.
  • TrackOFF Standard – 1 Year Subscription for up to 3 Devices. Worth $34.95 on their website.

Our verdict on Tier 2 of the software deal

We have never used any of these but look forward to trying them.

Humble Bundle Software Deal Tier 3 – PAY $15 OR MORE


  • Dashlane Premium 1 Year Subscription worth $39.96 on their website.
  • AdGuard Premium 1 Year Subscription for 4 devices worth $46 on their website.
  • Private Internet Access 1-year subscription for 5 devices, normally $83.40 on their site.

Our verdict on tier 3 of the software deal

Dashlane is one of the best password managers. We use it over the others with exceptions. AdGuard premium we have never used but look forward to trying and Private Internet Access is a great addition to this software deal for 1 year. We aren’t done, there is also SpiderOak and ProtonMail Plus below. These are the reasons to purchase if you aren’t sold on this awesome software deal. SpiderOak really is the best backup solution, they have the best privacy of any other backup solution. ProtonMail is without saying the best email service.

  • SpiderOak ONE Secure Cloud Backup 1-Year License normally $129
  • ProtonMail Plus, $25 credit.

You can find the deal at Humble Bundle here:

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143VPN Sale 50% off – Purchase Now Before It Expires & You Regret It

143VPN Sale 50% off – Purchase Now Before It Expires & You Regret It

143VPN Sale – Premium VPN at the Price of a Cheap VPN

143VPN on sale - Premium VPN for the price of a cheap VPN

I just saw a good deal on Facebook for 143VPN, if you need a VPN but are nearly broke or just want a good deal on a VPN get this. Here is a premium VPN at the price of a cheap VPN.

Just use code “social50” for 50% all of their VPN plans.

143VPN has servers that are DDoS protected, have the ability to open dedicated ports with a VPN port forwarding panel on their website.

They are currently selling Lifetime with this code for $25, or you can get a monthly subscription for $2.50



Here is their Facebook and website for more information:

Check out more deals at

Why You Need a Private VPN Service

Why You Need a Private VPN Service

Do you want privacy from prying eyes online? Perhaps your parents are logging the traffic that goes through the router, or your school is (Which all schools and colleges log data.) Then you will need a Private VPN Service or a Private Virtual Private Network. What does a VPN do anyways? What is it used for?

Well, businesses, schools and any business setting uses a VPN for data encryption. This means they do not want people having access to the data being transmitted from their systems online, so they encrypt it through a VPN; A group of servers that are protected with several layers of security. A VPN will also protect you from your ISP seeing your internet traffic, so it is ideal to use a VPN for torrent or downloading anything your ISP could be interested in, that they really shouldn’t be.

For security we recommend 143VPN. They have servers that are logless, DDoS protected and offer port forwarding. They have locations all over the world. They do not allow torrenting, though. We recommend Torguard, specifically the proxy, for torrenting.

143VPN comes with a user-friendly Windows client for OpenVPN that connects via UDP and TCP. There are also many other options for other Operating Systems such as Mac, Android and iOS.

Securing your internet and being anonymous has never been easier

Use 143VPN to protect your Internet traffic from prying eyes, to protect yourself from DDoS attacks, to stream content worldwide and to unlock access to your favorite sites. Here is what they advertise on their site:


Netflix and Movie StreamingHave a small Netflix selection in your country? Connect to 143VPN to get access to various regions so that your Netflix experience is unlimited.


Spotify and Music Steaming

  • Bypass Geo-blocks, Access the World
  • Protection From DDoS Attacks
  • Multiple Protocols UDP and TCP
  • World Wide Locations
  • Custom Client
  • Port Forwarding
  • Logless Servers
  • Unblock websites
  • Bypass Censorship

Know your data is encrypted and cannot be seen by your ISP, wifi snoopers or Governments. Keep spying eyes out with 143VPN.

The best torrent VPN we highly recommend is Torguard , here is what they advertise on their website
  • Unlimited Speeds
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • x5 Connections Allowed
  • OpenVPN – PPTP – L2TP
  • StealthVPN – SSTP – IKEv2
  • 1200+ Servers in 42+ Countries
  • FREE 24/7 365 Support encryption
  • Anonymous VPN IP
  • Your IP address is considered your digital fingerprint. Prevent websites from identifying you or your location from your personal IP.
  •  Unblock Any Website
  • Unblock any website regardless of geographical location or firewall. Setup the anonymous VPN software in minutes, on any device.
  •  Stay Private Online
  • Stop snooping governments, ISP’s, hackers and employers from controlling or sniffing your online activities. Don’t let the web browse YOU!
  • Stealth VPN Service
  • TorGuard VPN can tunnel through even the most strict DPI firewalls in countries like China or UAE. Go Stealth with OpenVPN, SSTP & SSH Tunnels.
  • Private VPN Encryption
  • Encryption works. Be discreet when conducting business online with military-grade encryption. Your web history is no one’s business but your own.
  • World Class Support
  • Leave support to the pro’s. TorGuard helpdesk is made of qualified & dedicated individuals. We’re here 24/7 so you can get back to what’s important.


You need a Private VPN Service because you want peace of mind. You want to make sure no one is listening to your network, stealing your bank information and logging your data behind your back. If you ever connect to a Public Wifi Hotspot you are very susceptible to this kind of attack, so definitely use a VPN over this kind of internet connection.

How to Stop Your ISP from Seeing Torrent Traffic – Torrent Anonymously

“My ISP is threatening to shut down my internet!”

“My ISP is throttling my connection because of torrenting and I have received notices of infringement!”

“Why does my internet connection speed drop when I start a P2P client like µTorrent or BitTorrent?”

If you have ever asked yourself, or anyone else one of these questions, I have a solution for you that will keep your ISP out of your business and unable to decipher your torrent traffic as well increase your torrent speed in the event of throttling. It’s also a very simple solution; A web proxy.

I highly recommend Torguard web proxies, here is what they advertise on their website

  • Unlimited Speeds + Bandwidth
  • 100+ Proxy IP’s in 8+ Countries
  • x5 Simultaneous Connections Allowed
  • Private Socks5 + http Proxy Support
  • 100% Anonymous Bittorrent Downloads
  • Works on any OS – Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Torrents / P2P Allowed / No Logs

I recommend their web proxy service specifically for torrenting, it allows your internet to not have to be behind a VPN while maintaining that all Torrent traffic is behind the protected proxies. If you want a solution only for your torrent client this is the best way to go. If you also want a VPN for other reasons their VPN service is great as well, just not recommended just for torrenting as it will slow your internet connection and is more expensive.

Their Proxy list includes these countries:


They also provide web proxies to secure your web browser in these countries:

  • USA
  • Miami
  • Dallas
  • UK
  • Germany
  • Finland
  • France
  • Egypt
  • Russia
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Vietnam

This is the perfect solution for those who want to secure their torrent habits, web browsers and even Skype.

David Cameron, If Reelected  Will End Encrypted Chat In The United Kingdom

David Cameron, If Reelected Will End Encrypted Chat In The United Kingdom

David Cameron has stated that in the wake of the Paris murder of Charlie Hebdo employees, that he will be ending secure encrypted chat. What this means is that Whatsapp, iCloud, Pidgin OTR and many many more chat clients will become illegal in the United Kingdom. He stated:

“In our country, do we want to allow a means of communication between people which we cannot read?”

Of course he doesn’t want to NOT be able to spy on the citizens of The UK. Criminals will always find a way to do what they are going to do, so this will solve nothing other than furthering the Governments agenda for dominance over its people. They will be able to read EVERYTHING that is insecure, and not only that but they will open a major security hole in their citizens lives who want to protect their sensitive data. It seems many countries want this level of control over their people, and they are pretty forward about it. They however hide behind the guise of “Terrorism” and use big words to scare their citizens into accepting their freedoms being taken away.

Hopefully there is backlash that convinces him that what he is doing is a horrible idea. If you are reading about this here, please share this information with someone. Write about it. Do not allow the UK to be turned into a surveillance police state as it existed in V for Vendetta as. It seems it may be there in a few more decades if things persist as they are.

Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.

Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.